I’m Vikki Knowles, a freelance journo based in Bristol.

– This is me, neither writing nor in Bristol.

Susty Girl started as a blog for ambitious girls who wanted to ‘susty hack’ their hectic lives without the hassle. Version 2.0 is a curated newsletter that champions the best content out there, plus some money-saving offers to boot.

Meanwhile, you’ll usually find me writing about sustainable business and ethical living. Basically, anything from upcycled jeans and tasty vegan food to the latest in clean tech and jargon-busting climate change.

Before working from coffee shops, I was content editor at 2degrees, and before that I completed a Creative Writing MA. With a few 5am starts and late nights, I’ve written a novel. And I have plans to write another (read Big Magic, and you’ll know the deal).

If you want to know a little more about what I’ve been up to, check out a list of articles and projects below.


DFYnorm: this label has the manifesto to topple fast-fashion
Tom Cridland says his jackets will last 30 years. And if not, he’ll fix them for free!
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Highlights from Brighton Fashion Week 2015

The Guardian
‘A no-brainer’: small businesses can be part of a renewables revolution too (additional reporting)
Could clearing be the secret to your success?
Wildlife quiz: discover more about the creatures that call Heathrow home
Why should you train as an NQT in Essex?
How the sharing economy is growing beyond Airbnb and Uber
Will lab grown beef burgers ever take off?
‘I’ve never been fitter, I’ve never been healthier’: five inspiring lifestyles for 2016
What more can the tech industry do to protect children’s safety online?
If you’re happy and you know it … become a chief happiness officer

Time Out London
Soul Brothers
Confidence Tricks

Virgin Unite
Why more businesses should employ older people
Jargon buster: What is the EU’s Clean Energy Package, anyway?
The changing shape of what it means for consumers to lead the good life
Why we need to keep the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere to 350ppm
Everything you need to know about greenhouse gases role in climate change (but were too afraid to ask)

Red Bull
8 productivity hacks we can learn from Sweden

Why the f-word is your friend if you’re looking to innovate
8 ground-breaking start-ups making the circular economy look easy
Interface has collected more nets than the weight of a humpback whale. Here’s how it did it.
It might be saving 1 tonne of food from waste per week, but can a chutney business preserve its social value and scale up?
“Fairphone will never be 100% fair.” What then, does fairness look like?
How introverted leaders can help employees engage with sustainable business

Other bits & pieces
Rife: How I Saved £100s Being Thrifty
Ideas Tap: How to survive (and thrive) when working abroad
Sustainable Brands: Nudie Jeans Showing Customers That ‘Repairing Is Caring’ (or Why It’s Cool to Not Wash Your Jeans


The Better Business Show
Tom Idle and I chew over the latest news in sustainable business in the bite-size Friday Five.

Ordinary Bird
My quirky greeting card range is made from recycled materials and donates 50% of profits to charity.