Pizza, Ice Cream And Wine Just Got Even Better

1. Are You Going To Eat That?

Imagine mums everywhere trading ‘eat your vegetables’ for ‘eat your cup’! Well, it could soon be a reality with the generous serving of edible packaging on the horizon. Loliware’s “biodegr(edible)” cup is a tasty pink grapefruit, cherry or vanilla flavour, while KFC’s Scoff-ee Cup serves your hot Americano in a biscuit. – (Olio)

2. How To Stop Your Pizza Going Soggy

Say adios to that cardboard flavour on your soggy takeout pizza (and trying to shove an embarrassing amount of boxes into the recycling bin) with Zume Pizza’s molded sugarcane box. Easier for pizza deliverers to carry with no tree-cutting required. Hailed the best thing since “that little white thing that keeps the box from sagging into the pizza,” you can stick it in your compost. – (Fast Co.)


3. Wine! (Make It) From The Rooftops

Fancy a glass… on the roof? The first commercially-viable rooftop winery in the galaxy, Rooftop Reds, is atop Brooklyn (where else?) Navy Yard. Soon you’ll be able to get your paws on a bottle of New York City’s first urban vintage, but there’s (interim) wine and pizza nights in the meantime. Plus, you can hang out on the hammocks, try a spot of rooftop yoga and admire their high-flying vines. – (Brooklyn Magazine)

4. Bread Just Got Some Serious Karma

For every loaf, 25% is wasted. That’s a lotta late night toast we could be having. Luckily, Toast Ale rescues the surplus, toasts it and transforms it into tasty ale. Oh, and profits go to food waste charity Feedback. – (Better Business Show)

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