How To Live Well Even When You’re Broke

1. Get Stuff For Free Or Cheap

Living sustainably doesn’t need to burn a hole in your wallet. Whether it’s feeling shiny and new for 2017, getting furniture that your cat will approve of or some cracking food for dins, you can have it all without the hiked price-tag. This is one of my own – cheeky! – (Rife)

2. Look Beautiful Without Breaking The Bank

We can’t all afford organic all of the time, and we also like to scrub our face now and then. From microbead-free brands and British buys to moisturisers that give back, this handy list gives you the low-down on what to buy next time your beauty cabinet (and wallet) gets emptied. – (Mirror)

3. Go Back To Late Night Eating

Hungry for takeout? You can order some bargain basement, late night fodder from restaurants that would otherwise be chucked using new app Too Good To Go. Rustle up £2 – £3.80 and don’t be fussy; beggars can’t be choosers. – (Springwise)


4. Choose What You Pay

“Radical transparency” fashion queens Everlane are giving customers the choice of what they want to pay on some of their surplus stock. (Surprisingly, out of the three options, apparently not everyone opts for the lowest!) – (Everlane)

5. 23 Ideas For Tiny Kitchen Problems

Residing in incredibly modest living quarters can be cool for your purse and energy use, but not so sweet when you’re constantly falling over the washing up in your kettle-sized kitchen. But before you splurge on a bigger pad, get inspired by these space-savvy gadgets. Wall, you’re about to get utilised. – (Buzzfeed)

6. Borrow Everything

Fancy surfing without the hefty price tag of a wetsuit, or baking your own loaf in a bread maker without the cupboard space? Sharing libraries – like the book kind but for all sorts of stuff – could be your dig. Borrow pretty much anything for a couple of quid. – (GSB)

7. Get 50% Off Food Shopping

The world’s first food waste supermarket, WeFood, opened in Copenhagen last year, offering surplus up to 50% cheaper than supermarkets. Now, the charity behind it plans to open two more in Denmark. Yum. (Independent)

8. Get Free Coffee, Pay With Kindness

What if that warm fuzzy feeling wasn’t just from your daily hot beverage ritual? Free cups of coffee are up for grabs from Karma Coffee – so long as you trade in a good deed. Whether it’s calling a friend or buying a homeless person a meal, it’s probably more than worth it for a cosy coffee on a chilly morning.  – (The Red and Black)

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