8 Ways To Change The World

1. Cross Off These 40 Things From Your To-Do List

4. Washing your jeans: Levi’s CEO says don’t bother. 15. Washing your hair every day: You’re half an hour richer! 17. Peeling vegetables: “Stop throwing away delicious fibre, you weirdo.” 18. Owning more than 10 items of clothing: Well, a Canadian pilot spent a year wearing only that… 30. Buying expensive products: just rub on coconut oil and baking powder for whiff-free pits. – (Guardian)

2. Know The Truth About Your Yoga Pants

Polyester and other synthetic fibres – such as those we wear during our yogic backbends – are a tricky biz, releasing microfibers (tiny plastic bits) into the oceans. Yikes. This video gives you the lowdown, and the links underneath show what we can do about it.
(The Story of Stuff)

3. Suss Out If Your Fave “Ethical” Brands Are The Real Delio

Project JUST gives us five questions to help sniff out greenwashing – in fact, they use them to suss out Everlane, Warby Parker, Kowtow and Krochet Kids and their alleged radically transparent/social impact/organic creds. Some did better than others! Rinse and repeat.
– (New Co Shift)

4. Bust Animal Poaching From Your Pocket

Save poaching for eggs, kay? Wannabe Ace Venturas in Southeast Asia can dob poachers in from their back pocket with the Wildlife Witness app. Simply snap the offense and pin it to a virtual map, and it’ll be forwarded to various wildlife authorities. Amateur (pet) detectives have already made over 1,000 reports. – (Fast Co.)


5. Be A Good Activist

Get off the internet, show up and make what you’re doing fun. (Okay, there’s a few pieces in the middle, too). – (Grist)

6. Watch This And Love Your Fellow (Wo)man

What does it mean to be human? Just ask these filmmakers from around the world. Throw in Oh Wonder for the soundtrack and some inspiring human beings, and you’ve got yourself some feel good vibes and goosebumps to boot. Eight minutes well spent. – (Vimeo)

7. Watch This, Too

Leo won’t let this ship sink. Post liver-snacking in the Revenant, our fave climate activist (and fictional Titanic voyager) stars in documentary Before The Flood, which notes how awks it is to be like: “so, climate change… how about that?” Even more awks is what we’re doing to the planet. Here’s hoping for a happy ending. There was a screening at the White House. Well, Barack Obama is in the doc, after all. – (YouTube)

8. Moma, Spice Up Those Nappies

Babies are super cute – and super poopy, too, with disposable nappies clogging up landfill. Luckily, there’s a less planet-stinking way to roll. Former Spice Gal Emma Bunton is now the face of eco-brand Kit & Kin, whose foxy nappies biodegrade within six years (better than the usual 500). – (The Drum)

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