What if everyone could #DoSomethingForNothing?

#DoSomethingForNothing is the brainchild of Joshua Coombes, Matt Spracklen and Dave Burt, and they have a pretty cool vision: that the world would be a pretty neat place to live if every guy and gal in every city did something for $0. Apart from the cosy exchange of unconditional love between giver and receiver, of course. All the feels.

“#DoSomethingForNothing is about addressing the compassion we all have within ourselves,” says Joshua in the video.

“Your voice, your hands, your smile: they’re one step away from restoring somebody’s faith in humanity.”

For Joshua, his gift is his hairdressing skills: he gives free haircuts to homeless people in London.

And he’s not the only one! Hairdressers all around the world are lending their scissor skills for a simple act of kindness.

Whether it’s upscale stylist Mark Bustos in New York…

…San Fransisco barber Raul Lopez…

…Australian barber Nasir Sobhani giving free hair-cuts to Russia’s homeless, who says helping people is his new drug…

…or these awesome gals!!

What do you do for free? Or what would you like to give? Let me know in the comments!

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