Random acts of kindness: Jazzing up my wardrobe + flat for free

I’ve definitely felt a little sad about the world of late. Our post-Brexit island is scary and unstable, like you put one foot in front of the other and the ground falls beneath your feet, and the accumulating acts of terrorism take their toll on your psyche.

Someone said to me yesterday, after discussing horrific events that have happened (Nice et al) that humanity starts with you. It’s a great lesson when you feel helpless.

FullSizeRender-13Out of nowhere, I have been shown plenty of kindness this week. My friend Janey cooked for me and my boyfriend, gave me some of her clothes she no longer wanted (which are really lovely!) for free, even though she was planning to sell the rest. She also donated some frozen veggie burgers (one of which had mozzarella in – an accidental vegan faux pas). It really is the small things that can make a big difference. Everyone needs food in their fridge – or in this case, freezer. Hey look, there it is right there –>

It’s also a reminder that someone’s else’s ‘hand-me-downs’ can really jazz up your wardrobe. Just because someone doesn’t want them, doesn’t mean they’re not nice clothes 🙂 This River Island shirt is my new favourite top, and probably cost at least £25 new. I love it!

Janey also donated another turquoise shirt, black jeans (staple), a smart winter coat (need one) and some rusty chinos. I’ve always been a bit wary of coloured trousers but I love this shade – wardrobe schwapping and indeed thrifting is a great opportunity to try something you usually wouldn’t, as you have little to lose.

IMG_3461I dyed the ends of my hair blue (“sea punk”) this week – see left – but in the background you can see I’m donning the chinos. 😉 Deliciously Ella fans, check out the cookbook!

My mum also popped round and donated us a ton of household items with something for every room – from bathroom towels to throws for the sofa and bedding to plastic containers (I use loads of these when I make batch portions of lasagne and the like!) Also, she gave us a lovely outside table and chairs for alfresco dining when the sun’s out. 😎 It’s the sort of thing that would be a real luxury to go out and buy, so it’s really a kind donation, and a great addition to the rest of our second hand furniture. 

My friend Ieva cooks for me once every week or two. When I say thank you she normally shrugs it off happily and says ‘it’s only dinner’ – but feeding someone is caring for someone’s most basic needs! There’s a quote (which for the life of me, I now can’t find) which says something along the lines of: If you want to cultivate humanity/loving kindness, feed people.

It might not have felt like a big deal to them, but it felt like true kindness to me. It’s a great reminder of the goodness in the world, at a time when the 10 ‘o’clock news is riddled with the opposite. When you feel helpless, remember that your small gestures can make all the difference. Even that’s just saying something thoughtful, listening, or making time for someone. You never know how that might get paid forward.

I truly believe that I have been shown so much kindness over my lifetime that I have an enormous kindness debt…. better get paying my dues 🙂

I’d love to know what you think. What kindness have you received this week? What generous deed have you done for someone else?

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