Susty talk: Can one person really make a difference?

I’m a regular voice on Tom Idle’s awesome Better Business Show. Each week, we discuss the goings on in sustainable business.

chickens-1272688_1920 copy.jpg

Can signing (or even starting) a petition really make a change? Or it an act of so-called slactivism? For 14-year-old Lucy Gavahan, who’s petition on urging Tesco to stop selling eggs from caged hens gained over 280,000 signatures – she got results. Tesco has committed to stop selling them by 2025!

Talk about David and Goliath. 🙂 Even celebs like Tom Fletcher and Thandie Newton shared the petition link on Twitter.

Apparently, 43% of the 1.4bn eggs sold by Tesco each year come from caged hens, so Lucy really is making lives better for millions of chickens.

And Lucy’s not stopping there – she’s now created a new petition targeting Morrisons and Asda – could this be the end of eggs from caged hens being sold in all big UK supermarkets? (Make sure you sign!)

tequila-sunrise-880903_1920 copy.jpg

Meanwhile, what if your car was made from tequila? Whaa….?  Ford is teaming up with tequila producer Jose Cuervo to do just that – developing sustainable bioplastics with the agave plant byproduct for parts like HVAC units and storage bins. This’ll cut nasty petrochemicals, aswell as making the vehicle lighter and more economical to run.

The growth cycle of the agave plant takes at least seven years, with only the heart of the plant being harvested for distillation. Some of the remaining agave fibers are used as compost for Jose Cuervo farms, so this new use for its remnant fibers is pretty sweet for both Ford and Curvo’s sustainability strategies. I think we can raise a glass to that.

Plus, turns out the big corps aren’t being super transparent (who knew), and new Brit PM Teresa May thinks it’s pretty uncool when CEOs get 300 times the compensation of the average shop worker in the same company.

Jump to the end for our chinwag.  Plus, how about a handbag made from old fire hoses? Check out the main interview with Elvis & Kresse’s very lovely Kresse Wesling.

Happy listening 🙂

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