What does a secondhand home actually look like?

Have you ever thought: “doesn’t a secondhand home just look like a pile of someone else’s trash?” Broken sofas, scratched tables and off-colour wardrobes contribute to a beautiful yard sale-esque vibe, right?

Well, I’ll let you into a little secret (not a secret at all): shabby chic is totally in, so we can cash in on the trend by saving our pockets and the planet’s resources at the same time! Wahey! Being a little, ahem, shabby round the edges will get you a fast-track ticket to hipsterville- or poverty chic station, or distressed central, wherever you fancy heading.

So, to demonstrate what secondhand can look like, I’ve taken some snaps around Susty Girl’s new HQ. What do you think? Okay – we’re not a totally secondhand home, but we’re probably about 75% there in terms of furniture, and all the pics below capture our preloved objects.

NB: If you think my flat does look like a yard sale, feel free not to comment in the box below 😁


Cream king-sized bed frame: £35 from Gumtree. In IKEA it’ll cost ya just under £100, and to be honest I think this one’s a bit nicer.

Chest of drawers: £150 from Happytat (get it?). Not so cheap, but pretty cool. Bed side table (and matching chest of drawers, below) £35 together. Got them from Gumtree from the same seller as the bedframe!


Trunk, maybe £35? From Camden market, London. Can’t remember exactly how we lugged that all the way back to Bristol…


Wardrobe: £20 from a secondhand furniture shop, crates £9 each from eBay (amazing for storage as well as little display units, see below).


Old craft beer bottles are quite nice to display. Pop a flower in and you’ve got yourself a centre piece!


Chalkboard: totally free, found it abandoned outside someone’s house. It was broken but only slightly, a little TLC got it back up to scratch.


Clothes horse: also totally free, abandoned probably because it’s a little worse for wear. Sure it’s a bit worn, but it’s part of the charm right?! Still dries clothes.


Shelving unit: totally free again, abandoned in the street. Our new place has no book shelves whatsoever, so we’re really glad we found this before moving!


Wooden table, also free, found in the street. Painted white, and kind of destroyed with little art projects (“distressed”) 🙂 You know the beer bottle / flower combo I was talking about? The cat likes to put a stop to that.


Cat carry case: £20 from Gumtree. I much prefer the wicker kind to it’s plastic cousin, and it doubles up as a cosy bed.


Metal trunk: £40 eBay. This is quite big so we store a lot of our chunky snowboarding gear in here, the boots and helmet take up a lot of room!


Chair: £15-£25 from Gumtree (my memory fails me). Cat loves to use as a scratching post.

Got any secondhand tips or gorge snaps of your place? Share them in your comments below.

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10 thoughts on “What does a secondhand home actually look like?

  1. curbza says:

    This room is incredible. Especially envious of the bookshelf find. It’s always nice to surprise yourself with things you can find secondhand. Do you use any sites or apps other than Gumtree to shop secondhand?


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