Pro-EU pets: the best of #CatsAgainstBrexit and #Mutts4Remain tweets

As newspapers overtly plead their side for the EU referendum with mere days before voting, a new wave of voices are being heard – #CatsAgainstBrexit. These political felines are taking to Twitter to express their views, whether sharing photographs of themselves seated deliberately inside a box, waiting patiently to be let inside the house, demonstrating their ‘better together’ attitudes by sharing their cat bed, or a number of other metaphors. Swiftly following, dogs have added their voice to the debate, with #Mutts4Remain, along with #Rabbits4Remain.

Since it’s important to represent the political views of our favourite four legged friends this week, I’ve rounded up some of my favourite tweets. (If you’re curious as to whether Remain is the greener option, check out this week’s susty talk where we chat alllll about it).




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