Susty round-up: Community fridges, cycling across rivers + tasty fashion

No Susty Talk this week 😦 But to tide you over, I’ve whipped up a brief Susty Round-Up for what’s clean and green out there. Enjoy!

Thanks, Sarnil Prasad!

Empty fridge? Help yourself to this free one.

But you’ll have to make your way to Frome in Somerset. Drop off your surplus, in-date veggies, bread, sandwiches and other packaged goods (but no eggs, raw meat or fish, please) in the community fridge, and feel free to pick up something that takes your fancy. Home-made fodder is also welcome, but sadly only from certified kitchens – your three generation recipe for spag bol, however delicious, just won’t cut it.

Frome’s community fridge is the first of its kind in the UK, but hopefully not the last! Start your own, here.

Looking for an alternative commute? Try cycling on water.

Judah Schiller isn’t interested in getting gridlocked in traffic on the San Fransisco Bay Bridge. Instead, he’s cycled across the Hudson River on his water bike. His commute from Port View Park in Oakland to Pier 1 in San Francisco took him about an hour – which could be about the same on the 8-mile Bay Bridge.

“No buses, no taxis, no cars, no pedestrians,” the 41-year old tells Mercury News. “If someone gives me a better way to get across the bay on a bike, I’d like to see it.”

Want some tasty fashion? Here’s how.

If you ain’t got a community fridge nearby to cut food waste, why not wear it instead? Coffee grounds, salmon skin and coconuts can all be whipped up into new fabrics – and often have superior properties. Extracting the oil from coffee grounds, grinding into a fine powder and blending with recycled polyester polymers makes for a breathable fabric, that’ll keep you cool and the smells at bay, whilst mixing ash from coconut husks with recycled polyester that makes for a great insulator that’ll keep you cosy.

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