If you’re about to quit something you love, read this first…

Susty Girl! Do things suck right now?


We’ve all been there – we’ve started something new and the s**t has well and truly hit the fan. Or the fan isn’t whirring and there’s not even a little breeze.

Maybe you’ve been rejected too many times to count, the project isn’t happening fast enough, you’re overthrowing the budget completely, you don’t feel you’re ready for that deadline or you’re getting the 3am “who do I think I am?” voice. Maybe your pillow is getting a bit tear stained and people take a sharp intake of breath when you tell them what you’re up to. Clients/friends/colleagues are asking questions. Ahhhh! What do you do??

It can be pretty tempting to throw in the towel, right? After all, it can be hard to see the light at the end of a tunnel if you’re squatting in a puddle only half way through it.

I probably have this internal dialogue with pretty much EVERYthing I do, but it’s only recently that I realise that it’s more likely my ego (fear) chatting nonsense rather than my intuition. For a long time I believed that my thoughts were my mind, but actually I’m separate, and to a certain extent, can choose what to think.

Anywho – “quitting” here is less about whether or not you should sling your day job, and more about the thing that lights you up not bearing fruit yet – whether you’re trying to make it on Etsy, starting a hefty community project, crowdfunding an incredible product, putting something out there that’s a bit 1.0 or speaking/performing in front of a crowd.

If this REALLY is something that makes you feel alive, then luckily there are some really beautiful people out there who have some great wisdom for you!

I’m a huge consumer of #inspo from motivational speakers, self-help authors, online business owners and advocates of creativity. Whether it’s a podcast or YouTube vid, I like to get my daily dose.

Here are some of my favourites gals and guys on the planet, and what they can teach you. I really hope it helps! xoxo

Marie Forleo

Quote: “Stay on your game, and keep going for your dreams – the world needs that special gift that only you have.”

Good for tackling: Comparison.

What’s the deal? This is Marie’s sign off after every episode of her weekly show, Marie TV. Her attitude and authenticity are totally da bomb and her business model genuinely comes from a place of giving more than she receives. And she says things like ‘asshat’.

Sometimes when we look around in our niche, whether its the knitting blogger’s community or some obscure music genre, we can think – “omg, everyone is doing the same thing! How will I stand out? Mine sucks compared to hers!” If you quit making that indie-blues album, a lot of people will write indie-blues songs after you dip out. But no-one will write your song, in your way – you’re the only person on the planet who can make it exist. And baby, that could be someone’s favourite song. If Imogen Heap chucked music for a different line of work, I’m pretty sure my life would be at least 10% worse.

Gabby Bernstein

Quote: “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety.”

Good for tackling: Impatience.

What’s the deal? You’re putting your creative talent out there and it’s not gaining the traction you wanted. Maybe you’re spending your time reaching out and getting either nothing back or hearing ‘no thanks’ in various forms. So what do you do?!

Firstly, know that some of the biggest heroes in your industry have experienced similar trajectories in the early days (check out Literary Rejections as just one example).

Dubbed a next generation thought leader by Oprah Winfrey, #spiritjunkie Gabby Bernstein is a teacher of metaphysical text ‘A Course In Miracles’, which is actually where this quote comes from. The uber-cool New Yorker says that miracles should be the norm and happening all over the shot – if not, there are probably some internal blocks that we need to sort out!

In order to manifest what you want, she says you have to shift from thinking that it’ll happen, to feeling that it will happen to KNOWing that it will happen. This probably takes a tonne of time sitting on your cushion meditating to sort out your own limiting s**t (!) but a way to start might be to consider this: if you KNEW your dream was going to happen, how would you act? 

Brene Brown

Quote: “You can’t skip day two.”

Good for tackling: The dingy, middle patch.

What’s the deal? In her latest book Rising Strong, researcher, TED talk nailer and general Texan badass Brene outlines what she learned from hanging out with the story champs at Pixar. In movies as in life, you can’t frogleap day two, or the messy second act – that’s the bit where the magic happens. What would Toy Story be without Buzz Lightyear finding out that he’s not a real space ranger, breaking his arm when he tries to fly and subsequently becoming depressed and attending a tea party as Mrs Nesbit? Okay, he’d probably love to fast forward that part, but its necessary to realise that Andy loves him just as he is – a toy! (Oh and do some epic shiz to get in the back of Andy’s moving van). So if you’re in a dark, damp tunnel right now, know that “the messy middle is where leaders are born.” That’s you, girl.

Brene’s books also deal with engaging with the world from a place of worthiness, putting yourself out there pretty much with the guarantee that you are going to fall at some point, and how to brush yourself down when you do. No biggy. 😉

Jonathan Fields

Quote: “As long as you stay in the water, there’ll be another day.”

Good for tackling: Poor stamina.

What’s the deal? Serial entrepreneur-Buddhist-cool dude Jonathan steals nuggets of wisdom from surfing to conjure entrepreneurial bliss. Did the waves (or opportunities) suck today? There’s always tomorrow. But if you’re not in the water, you can’t catch the wave. There might be a massive one heading your way just beyond the horizon… but you might have to stick it out through a bit of seaweed touching your leg or getting a mouthful of salty water first. Bleh.

On a personal note, it literally amazes me what opportunities can fall from the sky if you stay in the game. It happens time and time again, but always when you least expect it.

Sophia Amoruso

Quote: “Each time you make a good decision or do something nice or take care of yourself; each time you show up to work and work hard and do your best at everything you can do, you’re planting seeds for a life that you can only hope will grow beyond your wildest dreams. Take care of the little things—even the little things that you hate—and treat them as promises to your own future. Soon you’ll see that fortune favors the bold who get shit done.”

Good for tackling: The daily grind.

What’s the deal? #Girlboss author and millionaire founder of NastyGal Sophia is a total millennial baddass and got to where she is through grit, determination and playing by her own rules, so I’ll probably be sticking this quote to my wall, or forearm, or something.

Sometimes it’s just about rolling your sleeves up and doing the thing. Doing something once is unlikely to produce results. In fact, forget about results – just focus on nothing else but doing it, day after day consistently for a period of time. It’s surely difficult for that beautiful thing you’re making or doing not to manifest positively in some way in your life. 🙂

Much of this comes down to having faith. And I wish you all the faith in the world today Susty Girls. Let me know what’s going on in the comments below and which advice most resonates with you. What quotes are you most inspired by that aren’t on this list? 

Much love xoxo.

PS, if there’s someone in your life that might need to hear this, consider sharing it with them.

Thanks Maddie Photography~ for the beautiful image.

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