Susty talk: Lovable brands, or slightly fake corporate imitations?

I’m a regular voice on Tom Idle’s awesome Better Business Show. Each week, we discuss the goings on in sustainable business.

Tea Pigs, Innocent Smoothies and other lovable start-ups – are they as adorable as they sound, or slightly fake corporate imitation brands…? I’ve been quizzed this week to see if I can guess who’s keeping it real. The answers might surprise you!


Plus, we chat about how kids TV, films and books can teach the next generation about sustainability. Think The Simpsons – nuclear power plants? Three-eyed fish? Lisa the vegetarian? I can’t think of a better way to learn about sustainability, myself…

Also, we take a peek at urban living in the 21st century with Kansas City’s new, smart streetcar, and Mars can fill 166 Olympic sized pools with Maltesers on renewable energy, thanks to its new Scottish wind farm (which is now powering all Mars’ UK operations on the clean stuff).

Jump to 40:10 for our chinwag.  Plus, if you want to find out about using drones to deliver solar power to Africa, tune in to the rest of the show.

Happy listening 🙂

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Image thanks to Hazel Nicholson.

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