18 of the trendiest thrifty and ethical fashion on Instagram

Okay, thriftin’ sounds pretty fun, but will you end up looking like you fell out the back of someone else’s wardrobe?

Beyond taking inspiration from fast fashion look books (which can also be kind of fun to try to recreate in a susty girl way), Instagram is a cool hub to uncover everyday street style that’s tagged with some susty cred – be it #ethicalfashion, #thrifty, #charityshopchic, #vegan or otherwise.

I’m actually pretty new to the photo-sharing network, but now I’m a little addicted to its behind-the-scenes, often “filtered as f**k” culture, as my recent feminist interviewee Emma Murphy words it.

To save your some mindless scrolling time, I’ve picked some of my fave thrifty and ethical looks that I absolutely want to steal. Enjoy!

A white shirt never goes out of style. Throw it on and off you go.

Possibly the fastest route to long, tanned legs.

I know this is technically for blokes, but could rock the oversized thing.

Funky shirt day at work yesterday💃✨#charityshopchic

A post shared by Eleanor H (@3leanor_99) on

Everyday should be funky shirts day.

Love a good dungaree dress!

High-waisted is the new black, in my books.

This skirt cost £5 from a charity shop and that's all I've got to say about that ✌🏻️

A post shared by 🍦Laura Jane Williams🍦 (@superlativelylj) on

I have a maxi skirt that I need to rock like this lovely lady.

Where thinking ahead to the summer sunshine at Leeds fest in August ☀️ Find us there to pick up outfits like these!

A post shared by Oxfam Festival Shop (@oxfamfestshop) on

Gah! Love these. #90skids

Everyone should have a denim shirt.


When @that.crazy.vegan.trainer tells you to #carbsohard you better #ctfu 🌱👊

A post shared by Wear Bare Bones (@wearbarebones) on

Thank god. I love carbs.

Any excuse for a tutu!

#Fashion is expressing yourself without having to speak. 🤐 #ethicalfashion #sayitloud 📷: #Vancouver

A post shared by Liv & Lola (@livandlola) on


Маргарита без майстора #flowers #daisy #vintage

A post shared by Natdali (@nat.urelle) on

Stripes are da bomb.

Lift selfie! #mischiefmade #canyonerobelts #freddiesofpinewood #ootdsocialclub #ootd #vintagestyle #rockabillystyle

A post shared by Helen Large (@helenvonfrocklarge) on

Really want a baseball style tee right now!

Cute. Where’s my carbon-offsetted plane ticket??

Our hemp & organic cotton military pocket dress is the BOMB

A post shared by FOLKE (@folke_byronbay) on

It sure is the bomb.

Whaaaat, how did this get here? Yup, Susty Girl is often posting about second hand, preloved and charity shop style. Perhaps you’d like to check it out. 😘

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