13 Sustainable fashion projects on Kickstarter to cheer you up on #Fridaythe13th

Apparently, today is a disaster for business, there’s a prediction for earthquakes but on the plus side, flights are cheaper – yup, it’s Friday the 13th. 😈 But before you get too concerned about any looming #Fridaythe13thfauxpas, here’s a compilation to keep your susty spirits up.


Kickstarter is not only an idea factory, but also a little peek into what the future might look like – which is often super exciting for the susty world. Whether it’s working with recycled materials, revolutionary fabrics that hardly need washing or empowering us ladies, fashion and accessories can be a huge force for good, as y’all know. The crowdfunding platform is also a reminder of what creative and techie lady talent is out there. Luckily, a tonne of these ideas have sustainability firmly in mind.

So as an antidote to Friday the 13th, check out these super impressive projects you could help make happen, wear and have in your home sometime soon. Wallets at the ready! (Or if you haven’t got one, check out #3…)

1. Manakai Swimwear: Recycled and sustainable bikinis

Look trashy on the beach with these reversible glam bikinis madefrom pre and post-consumer plastic waste.

2. Cause I Run: Sustainable activewear that gives back

Feel even better about your summer run with leggings and racerback tanks made with recycled polyester. 10% of the purchase goes to a good cause, too.

3. Urbn Wallet: Sustainable wood wallet

Protect your valuables (that’s, errr, your key, cash and cards) with eco-friendly hardwoods, reclaimed from fallen trees in the Pittsburgh area. Do you like your maple curly or spalted?

4. Clean Apparel – The Most Sustainable T-Shirt on the Planet

The most sustainable…? Well, it’s 100% recycled, uses 8 gallons of water to produce instead of the average 700-1,000 gallons, and cuts pesticides, wastewater and toxic waste generation completely.

5. Swimwear for Real Rad Women

Real women model these suits that actually stay on when you’re riding a wave, and is designed to fit active gals with different shapes. Manufactured locally and 10% is donated to orgs that encourage young ladies to get active and build confidence.

6. Ably™: Unbelievably odor & stain repellant natural apparel

Camp for a week in only one shirt, or smell like a daisy after the gym – whaaa…? Apparently these premium cotton shirts are so fresh, they don’t need washing for weeks. Pretty cool, considering washing and drying one load of laundry every couple of days creates a mountainous 970 lbs of CO2 each year.

7. AMOV Apparel: #recycling #organic #charity #fashion #purpose

Teeing up organic materials with clothes that have some milage (and a free repair kit), this brand is firmly on the slow fashion wagon. You can learn more about former and later users online with a unique code in each garment.

8. Too Pretty? Never!: Empowering Apparel & Movement for Women

Be it bodybuilding, race car driving or even high flying in business, the “too pretty” comment can be kind of insulting. Luckily, this boxer started the #tooprettymovement, where ladies share what they’re Never Too Pretty to do. The apparel line is designed for fierce, strong ladies to hang out, work out and go out.

9. HYPERBASE : Design and innovative french apparel

Teaming Italian eco-certified fabrics with daily comfort and retro-futuristic design, this apparel can act as a sunblock, water repellent, wind break and keep you fresh.

10. Cima Sandals: Cork Your FootPrint

These summer-ready sandals are made with recycled, eco-friendly Cork Bark. It’s naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal (good for avoiding any controversial whiffs) and is also a handy alternative to leather – vegan FTW.

11. The BOMBSHELL: dress for the mess

For the momas out there, this hemp/organic cotton jersey cover up can be thrown on to baby proof your lovely new dress, or even just to hide your pyjamas on the school run! Designed for easy breastfeeding and new bumps, too.

12. One Tenth: It’s time to Wear What Matters

Every ethically sourced tee increases work opportunities and funds education for at risk communities. As the name might suggest, 10% of the profits go to funding children’s school fees.

13. Zoofold: Eco-friendly folding animal heads

Had to include this: for when you want to channel your inner wild side in an eco-friendly way. Made in the UK with 100% recycled card, you can dress up as a fox, badger or deer – or just hang them on your wall, cruelty-free.

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Cute (yet suspicious) black cat image via Rody09.

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