Q&A: How to change the fashion industry, one blog at a time

Traditionally, if you were after sustainable fashion, you might have to sacrifice the style element in favour of a well-made hessian sack. Luckily, we now live in a world where sexy yet ethical clobber is not as hard to come by. And one of the best places to find what’s hot is on sustainable fashion blogs.
Blogs are an amazing way to promote a positive message amongst an engaged community, and I think the susty blogging community is a particularly friendly place to be – we all want to make a change!
Elena Kazakevic at The Curious Button is one such change-maker. From creating an edgy outfit instantly to how ethical shopping can save you a bob or two, her ethically conscious lifestyle blog keeps you on trend and in your budget.

The Curious Button might be a side hustle to a psychology degree, but the Canadian blogger has big plans to encourage thoughtfulness and change in the fashion world. Plus, she has some great tips for the budding bloggers out there!

Enjoy 🙂

Who is Elena, and what is the Curious Button?
I’m Elena, the blogger behind The Curious Button, an ethically conscious lifestyle blog that focuses on ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly fashion and products.
Do you see yourself as a Susty Girl? What are your susty practices/values?
I definitely see myself as growing into a Susty Girl! I’ve just recently started to become aware of ethical and sustainable practices within the fashion industry. I’d say I’m still in the process of developing my susty practices and values, and I’m slowly expanding it to more than just my closet, but it really all just boils down to caring for the earth we live on and the other people we share it with. I believe that we should do everything through that kind of universal love.
Is your blog a side hustle? Do you have a day job?
Right now, the blog is a side hustle to school! After graduating at the end of summer, hopefully I will have a job and it will be a side hustle to whatever that ends up being!

5 Pieces Edgy H.png

What is your ultimate aspiration for your blog – is it to monetize it? To spread the message? For fun? How do you plan to achieve these goals?
Ultimately, I would love to be able to reach a large amount of people who are new to the ethical and sustainable fashion world and encourage thoughtfulness and change. As I gain more experience with it I would love to eventually offer lots of resources and tools, maybe even have a mini-course or two that can help these newbies navigate their way through ethical and sustainable fashion and grow this community! Of course, monetizing would be a nice bonus.
What do you LOVE about blogging? Is there anything you fear about it? 
I love how blogging can connect you to so many interesting people and organizations. I’ve met a lot of people through my blog and various social media. The only thing I really fear is putting something out there that is incorrect or biased in some way due to a lack of knowledge or understanding. That’s probably why I do so much research for the blog!
 7 Things I Learned About the Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Community H.jpg

Do you think ethical living blogs are plentiful, or is there a lack?
When you know where to look and really get into it, there are a lot of ethical lifestyle blogs out there. I think the problem is that they can be hard to find when you’re new to the community and don’t know where to start.

What does a typical day look like for you?
I actually just wrote about that recently! You can read about it here.

What are your go-to Susty brands or shops?
I wrote a post about my top ten modern ethical clothing brands, you read it here! But because I’m on a budget, I also love swapping clothes with my sister and mom, as well as checking out secondhand and consignment shops.

Top 10 Modern + Ethical Clothing Brands H.jpg
For budding bloggers out there, do you have any tips or helpful resources?
For resources, I love just using Pinterest to search for whatever I’m looking for at the moment – there’s always so much to read! One tip I would personally suggest is to join Facebook groups, both for bloggers and those specific to your niche, and engage in conversation and connect with people there. I also definitely recommend doing so through other forms of social media. You can come across some really great people and opportunities this way!

Check out the Curious Button right here. 

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