Susty Conversation: digital clothes tagging and the chatbot that finds you greener cafes

I’m a regular voice on Tom Idle’s awesome Better Business Show. Each week, we discuss the goings on in susty business.
sustainablefood.jpgWouldn’t it be great if sustainability was just a little easier? I had a chat with co-founder of the, Raquel Wallace, about this very thing the other day, but it also a big theme on this week’s podcast riff.

Wouldn’t it be great to find local green restaurants and coffee houses without the googling? Turns out there’s an app that does just that, called Sure. Plus, product tagging could tell us exactly what went into the making of our favourite t-shirt (goodbye awkward conversations with sales assistants), and oh – consumers do care about sustainability, honest! Finally, SunEdison‘s filed for bankruptcy – but it’s not all doom and gloom for the solar industry.

Jump to 25:10 for our chinwag.  This episode also features Lisa Curtis, CEO of superfood biz Kuli Kuli. Not only does the moringa plant they use in their health and energy bars have the potential to change the health and dietary habits of us Westerners, but also the lives and livelihoods of farming communities across the developing world. Make sure you check that out too!

Listen below. Hope you enjoy 🙂

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Image via Larry Hoffman.

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