Charity shop chic: How to look fashionable without costing the earth

Happy Fashion Revolution Week! 👗👖👟

As we speak, revolutionaries around the globe are taking to Twitter to ask #whomademyclothes, and conjuring up new ways to style that challenge the disposable nature of fast fashion and think about the people behind our outfits. Luckily, there’s a ‘haulternative’ – instead of heading to the high street to revitalise your wardrobe, try fixing up what you’ve got DIY style, donning your fave item that you’ll never, EVER be parted from, or hit up you local charity shop, vintage store or swap-a-thon to get kitted out, second-hand style.

Since I’m an avid charity shopper, I thought I’d make my Fashion Revolution contribution with a 2Hand ‘haul’. It just so happens that I went for a rummage on Sunday. Just to warn ya’ll, I’m a bit of a Tom-boy/ t-shirt & jeans kinda gal at the moment – bring on the summer casuals!

1. Jack Wills Varsity Polo t-shirt – £4.00

This tee was made back when Jack Wills actually made their stuff in England. I was looking for some yoga attire, actually. I’m always wearing all black as my yogi gear and I think it does something to your aura! Hopefully this’ll brighten it up a little. Even if its of a skeleton human riding a skeleton horse…

2. Limited Edition 84 Jumper – £4.50

I wasn’t alive in ’84, but it sounds like a good year to be kicking about. I’m digging the grey sports style jumpers at the mo, and this short sleeved number should be a good one to drag out when Spring is trying to do its thang (but isn’t actually that warm).

3. Cropped H&M t-shirt – £2.95 & 4. River Island Denim Shorts – £3.75

You can still enjoy the high street, but buying it second hand helps elongate its often too short life. Right now, the cropped tee/high-waisted shorts or jeans combo is right up this Susty Girl’s alley. I have a long torso, so you gotta work with what yo momma bestowed you!

Sometimes I look around and see young folk wearing Jansport rucksacks, ankle-grazing jeans and grunge glasses. And I’m like, is this the ’90s…? 😎 I’d love to live through that decade again! Anyways, this pale denim has the same effect on me. Can’t wait to don them all summer long. Jeez, excuse the floorndry btw!

5. Nike Backboard ii trainers – £16.30

I just think these are bees knees! Basketball-chic, here we come. Bargainas price too, hardly worn from eBay. Because I walk miles every day (as I’m sure most folk do!) I get through shoes like nobody’s business – not super susty at all. Luckily, these Nikes look like they have some firm sole to me.

6. Next Dogs jumper – £3.95

From cool to cute. Clearly got a thing with grey sweaters! I throw this on around the house and over my PJs too (note: the bed right there). Also useful when you are meeting dogs, as they’re bound to take an instant liking to you.

If you want some more inspiration on how to be fashion revolutionary, check out this useful guide from Fashion Revolution 🙂

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