Susty Conversation: guiltless flying, rainy day solar panels and knowing how old your yoghurt is

As you may have read on my projects page, I have a regular slot on Tom Idle’s awesome Better Business Show. Each week, we discuss the goings on in susty business.


For all you audio fans, this is a great way to keep abreast of the latest while you’re cooking, hitting the gym or just running errands.

So this week, we’re talking about Levi’s giving away its Water>Less secrets, how Germany’s food and agriculture ministry is tackling food waste with electronic chips and how a new solar cell can generate electricity from rain as well as sun. Plus, how Boeing and Airbus are respectively taking on the tricky challenge of sustainable aviation. Could guilty flying one day be a thing of the past?!

We’re chatting at the end of the episode (jump to 24:10). If you’ve got time to kill, you can tune into some longform chat on ZAPP, the world’s first digital energy currency.

Listen below. Hope you enjoy!

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Image via Jeremy Keith


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