Get your caffeine hit 21 times with these pics of latte art


For many of us, coffee is a morning staple that will kick our butts into action. After all Susty Girl, it’s likely you have shiz to do. My beverage of choice is the gentler wake-up call of a latte – sometimes soy, sometimes with milk. It’s the little things that make a big difference, so where should you source your next coffee fix?

This caffeinated listicle (spanning from my hometown Bristol, to the US, Australia, New Zealand and back again) celebrates impressive Latte art in coffee that has some susty cred. Enjoy!

1. Boston Tea Party


One of my fave West-Country hotspots. Fair trade coffee with organic milk.

2. Fire Creek Coffee Co.


Organic, fair-trade and single estate coffees.

via Margie Savage.

3. Brick Lane Coffee


Fair-trade coffee and organic milk as standard.

via Duncan C.

4. Department of Coffee and Social Affairs


Buy a bag of their coffee and it’ll have the farmer’s name and location on it. Committed to charitable work.

via Duncan C.

5. Flat White


Sources sustainably grown coffee that pays farmer a good price.

via the_whiteness.

6. The Milk Bar


Flat White’s sister cafe. Sources from same roasters.

via Tom Hughes Croucher.

7. Ganges Cafe (Salt Spring Coffee)


Organic, fair and carbon neutral.

via kris krüg.

8. Fair Trade Coffee House


As the name might suggest, certified Fair-trade coffee – as well as organic and single origin offerings.

via Ann Althouse.

9. Rojo’s Roastery


Small-batch, artisan and fair-trade.

via Khürt Williams.

10. Michelangelo’s Coffee House


Fair-trade, socially conscious cuppas.

via alist.

11. Coffee Angel


Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified.

via Duncan C.

12. Shaky Isles Coffee Co.


Not quite Latte art, but the takeaway cups are damn cute. Certified organic and fair-trade and socially conscious.

via chrisjtse. 

13. Gloria Jeans


Rainforest Alliance certified.

via MomentsForZen.

14. Beany Green


Sustainable relationships with farmers, organic milk.

via Duncan C.

15. LemonJellos


Fair trade with a zero waste policy. Cafe provides music and community too.

via J. Mark Bertrand.

16. Copper Star Coffee


Fuels customers in a cafe adapted from an old gas station.

via Christopher Robin Baker.

17. Home Girl


Works with high-risk and formerly gang-involved young women.

via Brian Johnson & Dane Kantner.

18. Better Food


Another fave. The whole shebang: fair-trade, organic and sources its coffee from roasters round the corner.

19. The Creek Cafe

Faircreek Coffee Poster (Revision 2)

You ‘eard the poster.

via Bill Green.

20. Coffee Alchemy


Bought direct from farmers, often at 2-3 times the price of Fair-trade.

via Sacha Fernandez.

21. Think Coffee


Visits the farmers they work with. Partnerships have also helped build schools and ensured healthcare.

via youngbok.

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