13 affordable ethical brands that you actually want to wear

With Fashion Revolution Day coming up this month, you’re probably thinking that maybe this is the time to ditch the fashion fling in lieu of the love-me-long-time ting. But you still want to look like a hottie. Oh, and keep your bank balance in the black. Where do you turn?!



Well, it just so happens I dug around to see what emerging brands were out there for a Collectively listicle. Check it out here!

There’s a lot of articles of this nature about. After all, people are like cool, okay, I get the whole incentive of not nipping to *insert-fast-fashion-house-here*, but I’m not sure what the hell I’m supposed to wear for my date on Saturday. But often (not always), these write-ups contain some of the same old suggestions. H&M Conscious Collection. People Tree. Don’t get me wrong, THESE ARE GREAT. Especially the latter. But there’s a lot of up ‘n’ coming brands out there that may not be on your radar yet, and could begin the love affair of a lifetime.

I’ve compiled a bunch of stuff that varies in style. There’s the cool, minimalist chic of Everlane, the political, street offerings from THTC, or the cute beanie, snood combo from Krotchet Kids.

It also includes wear for all occasions, from never-betray-me basics to your your sport-chic city wear and the outlandish, statement leggings for your yoga class (hello eleven44).


As well as using environmentally-sound practices – whether using organic materials, giving chemicals the boot or just making quality stuff that will actually last more than five minutes – a lot of these brands take extra care of their workers. For example, Brown Boy subsidises food for its crafts folk and sends their kids to school. And with Krotchet Kids you can actually send a message to the person who made your garment. How cool is that!


I’d love to know which brand is your fave and any ones I’ve missed. I’m sure there are loads out there that I’m yet to discover.

Till next time Susty Girl,



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