What the hell is Susty Girl?

Well, hey! I’m so happy you stopped by.
Welcome, welcome, welcome to Susty Girl.


But what the hell is Susty Girl? 

I didn’t know what ‘susty’ was when I first heard it, so I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t either. It’s an abbreviation of sustainability, probably invented so you could squeeze the tag in your Twitter statuses!

Since 2013, I’ve been primarily writing in the sustainability realm (in the broadest sense of the word), so I’ve called myself Susty Girl. But really, Susty Girl is for all the ambitious ladies out there who are compassionate about people and the planet.

Susty Girl (noun): A girl who goes for whatever she wants, while having BIG compassion for people and planet. 

As ya’ll probably know, empowering women is real good for business, the community and sustainable development. So it is literally imperative that we reach for our potential and shine as bright as we possibly can.

The trouble is, there is a lady epidemic of us shrinking and trying to be a small as possible. So rather than framing sustainability as minimising our negativity by doing less, I’d rather focus on the big, positive impact we can have by doing (or being) more. That for the most part comes from being unapologetically who we are and living in accordance with our values. Cue superhero imagery above.

Take this blog. I don’t know about ya’ll, but putting myself out there (even in a teeny, obscure square on the internet) feels like putting myself on a plate, dousing myself in pepper and feeding myself to the lions.

Exhibit A: Creating a blog


Exhibit B: The morning after


Anything I create will always be imperfect. Nevertheless, we have to be brave in order to inspire bravery around us. That’s why Daring Greatly by Texan superwoman Brene Brown (my hero/love of my life) is absolutely required reading. As are the infinite cool lady blogs on the inter web.

This is literally what prompted me to start – I got so inspired by other unashamedly awesome women that I wanted to be part of the action. (BTW – If you have a blog that you’d like to share, feel free to link it in the comments below. I’ll be checking it out quicker than you can say ‘shameless plug’).

Who are you?

I’m imaging that if you’re reading this, you probably believe that food is about creativity and resourcefulness, rather than whether it’s a couple of days outside its sell by date. You know nutrition and fairly-sourced fodder doesn’t have to be expensive if you’re smart about it. You probably use your style to express how you feel on the inside, out. That means working with what yo momma gave you (your body shape) and what’s in your wardrobe. That could mean hitting the charity shops like I like to, upcycling your way to fashion heaven, or investing in key, well-cut pieces that will last forever and work with 100 other things that you already have. Maybe you also like to ride your bike to work instead of driving to squeeze in a gym sesh because girl, you got stuff to do. Yada yada. Or maybe you’d quite like to take a leaf or two out of that book.

This is absolutely not a place for shaming your actions – we can all do our little bit and we should celebrate that cumulative effect just as much. Susty Girl definitely tries to do her part of the puzzle, but she is absolutely not perfect. Far from it!

I believe that sustainability will truly enter the mainstream when it becomes cool and sexy, and when it adapts to our human aspirations. So don’t feel bad if you enjoy dressing well, going places or having nice things. I don’t think you have to give up the things you love the most. There’s plenty of examples already of genuinely attractive stuff and modes of transport that benefit the planet much more than its predecessors. Design is key! A bit of convention ass-kicking is all good, and we’ll be raving about that here.

That’s not to say I’m championing consumerism either. I absolutely love community projects, resource and skills sharing, along with simple pleasures like walking and being in nature. All this is cool-a-roo.

What’s next?

So what can you expect from Susty Girl? Here’s some content you’ll probably see popping up:

Susty Crush: Eco-ladies / girls doing their thang that we love

Susty Hack: Ethical living without the effort

New Kid On The Block: Good people doing good things – no matter your colour, gender or anything else for that matter.

So Thrift Me: Charity shop bargainos

and more!

What do you think of Susty Girl 1.0? I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Lots of love,


Media: Daniel Oines via Flickr, Giphy, and Giphy.

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